SKAIO - 100 percent sustainable

SKAIO is the name of the 34-metre high wooden high-rise in the urban quarter at Neckarbogen in Heilbronn. Designed by the Berlin architectural office Kaden+Lager, SKAIO is a unique residential project for the Federal Garden Show 2020.

In the wood hybrid construction, walls and ceilings made of wood form the major part of the structure, while the base floor and staircase are made of reinforced concrete. Thanks to the timber construction method, an entire storey can be built in just one week, which drastically reduces construction costs. From the outside, the wooden high-rise building will not be directly recognizable as such. This is ensured by a curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade (VHF) made of aluminium.

For SKAIO, the choice fell on the VHF system facade POHL Europlate, which gives the building a sharp-edged and at the same time smooth appearance. 1,700 square meters of aluminum panels with a maximum size of 3.30 x 1 meter were planned and produced by POHL.
"SKAIO Holzhochhaus" facade systems, aluminium, Heilbronn | © Conné van d´Grachten
"SKAIO Holzhochhaus" facade design, aluminium, Heilbronn | © Conné van d´Grachten

Project data

SKAIO Heilbronn
Kaden + Lager
"SKAIO Holzhochhaus" facade construction, aluminium, Heilbronn | © Conné van d´Grachten

Kaden+Lager Architects

"With this project we would like to bring wood as a constructive building material back into focus. The wood does not necessarily have to be visible on the facade, but stands for the efficiency of the construction method. We decided on an aluminium façade, because on the one hand the filigree appearance convinces us and on the other hand aluminium is unbeatably sustainable for a long-term and cost-effective service life in residential construction".
Markus Lager, Kaden+Lager Berlin

Wood creates a unique character

The interior of SKAIO is dominated by the unique character of the wooden construction. Walls and ceilings are visibly clad with the natural material. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a view of the wood panelling from the outside, which gives the residents a special room climate. Sustainability is also not neglected in this project. All materials used in the construction can be returned to the raw material cycle 100 percent.

A total of 60 rental apartments ranging in size from 40 to 70 m2 are spread over the nine upper floors. On the first floor there is a bakery and communal rooms for the residents. The Aufbaugilde- and Offene Hilfe Heilbronn operate four residential communities for needy people and about 40 percent of the remaining apartments are publicly funded.
Redesign of a 1980s office pavilion in London

Dazzling facade