Entrance area "Cromwell Place", POHL facade
Cromwell Place Pavilion

POHL Europanel for the arts and exhibition center Cromwell Place, London

Cromwell Place is a Membership organization offering exhibition and working space for art professionals. Situated in London’s South Kensington neighborhood, Cromwell Place is currently launching a new cooperative approach starring co-working and shared exhibition spaces. A new pavilion will be the heart of the sharing infrastructure which is currently build in the inner courtyard. #POHLfacades contributes 3 mm stainless steel panels based on our #POHLEuroplate system and finished with POHL Charcoal Vibration. By creating a nucleus of galleries sharing infrastructure, Cromwell Place’s founders hope to create a cost-effective “pull effect” for collectors with eclectic tastes—at a time of increasingly straitened overheads. (www.cromwellplace.com)